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T56371. This one particular letter followed by a basic string of five quantity might not appear like something special around the surface, but to those which have seen the film, Stranger than Fiction, this model quantity represents the must have product of your year. The item can be a watch. Not just any watch thoughts you, it is the Timex T56371 Ironman.
The Watch is called a Combo mainly because it attributes both a digital show that may be turned on and off in conjunction with the standard analog hands. Timex gives other combo or dual tech watched like the mens metal combo fashion watches, the Men’s Timex Ironman Dual Tech and Women’s Timex Dual Tech, but the purchasing public, with a disproportionate quantity coming from .edu areas, are searching for out the T56371 in record numbers.

With no providing away something from the movie, the watch plays a pivitol part within the story of an IRS Agent played by Will Ferrell and his repetitive life. Predictable, that is certainly, till a single day he realizes that he is in fact a character in a novel being written by a talented writer, played by Emma Thompson, that’s affected by writers block.

This movie must have struck a nerve with all the viewing audience and since watching the film myself I’ve been attempting to piece together what this all signifies, if anything. The day that the film was released on DVD, orders for the certain watch portrayed within the movie, the Timex T56371 improved at by well over 2000%. A lot of other place which includes Amazon and other watch store quickly posted Out of Stock messages on their sites. So the query that begs to become asked is, Have you ever watched a film and stated “I must have among these?”

This genuinely occurred within this film. Despite the fact that there are actually other model on the Timex Ironman Combo 42 Lap watch which includes the Timex T56381, individuals are only ordering the Timex T56371.

Did people connect together with the watch? Did they connect with the Character played by Will Ferrell? Did they just believe that the watch was “cool? Did enough other folks seeing the film in order that they may well see you around the street and ask you if that was that watch in the movie? And if they did, was it that major of a deal that these purchasers had to acquire that certain watch?

I’m not discounting the energy of celebrity pitchmen and females. Corporations happen to be applying them for years. Quite a few sports, which includes Nascar, use there athletes like Tony Stewart and Juan Pablo Montoya to pitch there product from Motor Oil to Household Improvement in addition to wanting to wear exactly the same watches that these Nascar Drivers put on. This is also true of NFL, NBA, MBL and NHL Stars. Even other movies just like the 007 series have featured particular brands of chronograph watches. The fact that this film and this watch, the Timex T56371 have struck such a cord is exceptional and worth noting.